Monday, January 18, 2010

I have to use one of their templates? Gay.

Before I got here, the blog site required me to decide what template defines me as a new blogger on the... Hold on, Mike called me and this is probably important... Now, Where Was I? (Holy fuck that was artsy cuz that's like the name of my blog and shit!) But seriously, Mike called me.

Suddenly I have realize that I know nothing about the blogging culture!! Does being clever or artsy make me a blogger-douche bag? Am I supposed to sound like some sort of artist? Am I supposed to sound like a smart person or a writer or an emotional tween who's upset with her boyfriend or perhaps maybe even like someone looking for attention? I could go for some attention. Should I be asking a lot rhetorical questions like this in a blog? Do I use accurate spelling and/or proper grammar? Should I have already started a second paragraph, or are there even supposed to be paragraphs? Who do I presume is reading my blog? Should I try and create a certain kind of audience through what I write in my very first post? Okay, so I would like to say "fuck" and stuff in my blog like that, so don't read my blog if those words hurt your feelings. (Total blogger-douche bag move if I would have sworn in that last sentence more than once?).

So let's you and I blog for a moment so I can get this first post under my blog belt. Aside from blogging being an alternative method to weening myself off of Facebook, I'm not entirely sure what the actual intended purpose of my blog will be. I like writing, I like attention, and I've never considered blogging for a single day in my life before this evening. Though I have many more questions regarding what a 'blog' actually is and feeling some sort of obligation to be creatively expressive, I feel sufficient enough that the ice has been broken between man and blog. My template may never define me as a blogger, but with only 10 or 12 options what are you gonna do?

Here's the idea. I will try my best not to be boring. I will try my best not to have any one theme or specific origin of discourse. I'm saying 'I will try my best' because I can't promise you anything. I hope you read. I hope you laugh. I would even be okay if you just smiled a little. I probably won't post every day but be sure to check back often, because maybe I will.


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